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Labour Cost Statistics. 2018

The total gross labour cost per worker stood at 32,096.59 euros in Catalonia in 2018, a figure that represents an increase of 2.2% compared to 2017 according to the Annual Labour Cost Survey. By sectors, the gross labour cost increased by 2.9% in services, by 0.9% in industry and fell by 0.6% in construction. By branches the highest year-over-year rises in the gross labour cost occurred in information and communications (12.6%), and retail trade (9.3%). In contrast, it fell the most in education (−8.8%) and public administration (−1.1%).

The wage cost rose by 1.9% in 2018 in comparison with the previous year. By sectors, it increased by 2.6% in services and by 0.3% in industry and fell by 0.2% in construction.

By components, 74.31% of the gross annual labour cost per worker corresponded to the wage cost (24,592.87 euros), 23.15% corresponded to compulsory Social Security contributions (7,661.09 euros) and 2.55% corresponded to other cost components (842.60 euros).

By unit size, the gross labour cost per worker increased by 3.3% in the units with 1 to 49 workers, by 1.3% in those with 50 to 199 workers and by 0.8% in those with 200 or more workers.