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Names of Newborn Children. 2018

Marc (640) was once again the name given to most boys in Catalonia in 2018 and Júlia/Julia (587) was the one given to most girls for the second consecutive year. The name Marc was followed by Pol (548), Àlex/Álex (499), Jan (489) and Nil (461). As for girls' names, after Júlia/Julia came Martina (522), Emma (519), Maria/María (466) and Lucía (441).

Marc was one of the five most popular boys' names in all the territorial areas. Júlia/Julia was the most common name among girls born in 2018 in the Metropolitan Area, the Girona Counties, Les Terres de l’Ebre, the Central Counties and El Camp de Tarragona, where it shared first position with Emma. Ona was the most popular name in Ponent, as was Aina and Martina in L'Alt Pirineu i Aran and Laia in El Penedès.