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Foreign Tourism. 02/2020

The number of foreign tourists arriving in Catalonia stood 0.9 million in February 2020 which represents a year-over-year decrease of 6.4%. By country of habitual residence, among the countries of major origin, France and United Kingdom registered positive rates (5.3% and 19.6% respectively), while Germany, United States and Italy registered negative rates (−3.1%, −19.1% and −30.2%, respectively).

On the other hand, by reason for travelling, leisure trips, business trips and trips for other reasons (health, studies, family...) decreased by 4.6%, 17.2% and 8.9% respectively.

As for the principal type of accommodation, market accommodation decreased by 3.0% and non-market accommodation decreased by 13.4%. Bear in mind the effect of the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress due to COVID-19.