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Death Statistics. Expansion of the results. 2014-2018

Idescat is publishing the number of deaths on each day of the year for the first time. Data are provided for Catalonia during the period from 2014 to 2018. This information allows us to analyse the incidence of situations such as flu epidemics and heatwaves. It also shows how many deaths occurred on any particular day in previous years.

These data constitute the extended results of the death statistics. From now onwards this table will be integrated into the tabulation plan and published on an annual basis with the other tables.

The original source of the Death Statistics is the unified CM/BED (Medical Death Certificate/Death Statistics Bulletin) document by means of which the death is entered in the Civil Registry. The statistical use of this information includes the inclusion of the CMs/BEDs in the civil registries, the coding, the recording of the demographic data and the digitisation of the certificate image by the INE’s provincial delegations. The RMC (Mortality Register of Catalonia) verifies, codifies and validates the cause of the death. Finally, there is the statistical exploitation of this file. This is a complex and necessary process for ensuring the statistical quality of the data on deaths, which explains the delay in the availability of the final results.