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Labour market statistics on people with disabilities. 2009-2018

In 2018, the activity rate of persons legally recognised as being disabled was 35,0% in Catalonia, 46 points lower than that of the population with no disability (81%). With regard to the employment rate, it was 27.0% (44.9 points below that of the population with no disability) and the unemployment rate was 23.1% (11.9% above the rate of people with no disability).

Idescat publishes, for the first time, data on the labour market aged 16 to 64 who have a legally recognised disability (of 33% or more and equivalent) and who are resident in main family dwellings for the 2009-2018 period.

With regard to the characteristics of the employment, 89.9% of employed persons aged 16 to 64 with disabilities were employees and of these, 78.4% had an indefinite contract. On the other hand, 84.2% of employed people with a disability worked full-time and 79.6% of them did so in the service sector.