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Register of Inhabitants Residing Abroad. 2020

The number of Catalans residing abroad totalled 331,189 as of 1st January 2020, a figure amounting to a year-over-year increase of 4.6%. The number of people registered at the consular offices increased in all the counties and Aran, except for El Priorat and El Ripollès, where they decreased slightly. In absolute terms, the highest increases were recorded in El Barcelonès (6,233 people), El Vallès Occidental (1,160), El Baix Llobregat (946) and El Vallès Oriental (797).

By countries, France, with 45,863 people, was the primary country that Catalans abroad chose to reside in, and it was also the main destination for 31 counties and Aran. We should highlight Aran, with 62.1% of its residents abroad living in France. Argentina, with 31,358 residents, was the primary destination for 7 counties, particularly La Noguera, with 58.5% of its residents abroad, and El Pallars Jussà (47.1%). Germany was the main destination for residents abroad from the county of Osona, with 31.9%, while Andorra was the main destination for inhabitants of L’Alt Urgell (84.6%) and El Pallars Sobirà (34.6%).

By , the residents abroad were mainly located on the European continent (49.5%) and the American continent (45.4%). In the former we should highlight the European Union (39.0%) and in the latter South America (28.3%) There were smaller numbers in Asia (2.5%), Africa (1.5%) and Oceania (1.0%).

By place of birth, 62.1% of those registered at the consular offices were born abroad (159,552 people in the same country as the one they reside in and 46,157 in other countries), 33.4% were born in Catalonia (110,720 people) and 4.3% were born in the rest of Spain (14,228 people).

In 2019 there were 28,096 new registrations at the consular offices, 1.6% fewer than a year before, corresponding to registrations due to birth, nationalisation, omission and emigration abroad. Compared with the previous year’s new registrations, the biggest increase was recorded on the Asian continent, while there were slight falls in Africa and South America.