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COVID-19. Expansion of the results

Idescat is adding a new table to its website with data on possible cases of COVID-19 and of deaths confirmed or suspected to have been caused by it , recorded in hospitals, retirement homes, social health centres and at home. The series starts on 15 April 2020 and will be updated every day.

From the start of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic until 23 April, there have been a total of 46,629 positive cases in Catalonia. These are cases confirmed by a diagnostic test (fast antibodies test or PCR). Meanwhile, there has been a total of 87,232 possible cases of coronavirus infections (people presenting with symptoms who have contacted the healthcare services and have followed treatment, but who have not undergone a conclusive diagnostic test).

Of the accumulated total of cases thus far, a total of 9,186 people have died, comprising those confirmed cases of COVID-19 and those suspected of having COVID-19. Of these, 5,396 have died in hospitals, 2,621 in retirement homes, 105 in social health centres and 523 at home. The remaining 521 cases are non-classifiable, due to lack of information.

The information on confirmed and possible cases of COVID-19 in Catalonia comes from the daily bulletin issued by the Catalan Government's Ministry of Health. The information on deaths comes from funeral homes

This information complements the Confirmed cases of COVID-19 table that Idescat publishes daily for Catalonia and Spain, with a set of records that started on 24 February and that only includes the cases, deaths and discharges of COVID-19 confirmed by a diagnostic test.