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Continuous Household Survey. 2019

There were 3,012,500 households in Catalonia in 2019, according to the results of the Continuous Household Survey. The average number of people per household was 2.5. By the number of members, 26.1% were single-person households, 31.5% of the households contained two people, 20.1% contained three people and 22.3% contained four or more people.

The most frequent type of household was that of a single nucleus, with 2,081,200 households, accounting for 69.1% of the total. Of the above, 1,033,700 comprised couples with children, 723,400 comprised couples without children and 324,100 were single-parent nuclei (a father or mother with one or more children). Households with two or more nuclei (59.900 households) accounted for a very low percentage (2.0%), whereas households without a nucleus (871,400) accounted for 28.9% and the vast majority of these were single-person households (786,600).

The number of children aged less than 16 years living in households totalled 1,238,200, 146,000 of which (a 11.7%) lived in single-parent families in single nuclei households.

The percentage of people living alone was 7.7% for the population aged 20 to 34 and of 10.8% of the population aged 3 to 64 and the percentage grew considerably from the age of 65. One in five people aged 65 to 79 lived alone (25.8% of women and 12.8% of men), while in the case of people aged 80 and over was one in three (43.8% of women and 19.1% of men).

Regarding the nationality of couples, 82.3% of the total (1,845,600) were couples made up of two people of Spanish citizenship, 9.1% were made up of people of foreign nationality and 8.5% were mixed couples.

In 2019, households exclusively made up of people of foreign nationality totalled 243,400, accounting for 8.1% of the total number of households in Catalonia. The types of households made up of these people were basically households with a single nucleus comprising marriages and couples with children (34.6%) and households without a nucleus (34.2%). With regard to the size of these households, those with a single person predominated (28.6%), followed by households with four and more people (27.6%), two people (26.4%) and three people (17.4%).

With regard to the 3,012,500 main homes in Catalonia, and in terms of tenure, 68.6% of the 3,012,500 main homes in Catalonia were owned and, of these, 822.000 (27.3%) had outstanding payments. Rental housing accounted for 26.7% and the remaining 4.7% corresponded to other situations.

With regard to the surface area of homes, the most frequent area was between 61 and 90 m2 (46.4%). Homes with surface areas of less than 61 m2 accounted for 18.4%. As regards density, around 11% of homes had at least 20 m2 per person.