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Industrial Production Index. 2019. Definitive data

The Industrial Products Production Index (IPI) decreased by 1.8% in Catalonia in 2019, according to definitive data. By large industrial sectors, intermediate goods decreased (−3,4%), as well as consumer goods (−1.5%) and equipment goods (−0.1%), while energy production grew (3.3%).

By sections, mining industries decreased (10.3%) as well as manufacturing industries (1,6%), while water supply and electrical energy, gas, steam and air conditioning increased (8.9% and 1.3% respectively). As for the divisions within the manufacturing industries, the ones that decreased the most were manufacture of the paper, graphic arts and recorded media industries (−9.7%) and textile, clothing, leather and footwear industries (−4.1%); while the greatest increase occurred in the machinery and mechanical equipment (1.3%).

TheIndustrial Production Index decreases by 1.2% in Catalonia in 2019.