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Foreign Trade according to Technological Content. Q2/2020

Catalonia exported industrial products valued at 12,813 million euros in the second quarter of 2020, a figure constituting a 30.3% fall in comparison with the same quarter the previous year. Products with a high technological content are the only ones whose export sales rose (5.7%), whereas those of the rest of the levels fell sharply. The sharpest fall was that of products of a medium-low technology level (−44.6%), followed by those of a medium-high (−41.3%) and low level (−17.8%).

In the same quarter, Catalonia imported industrial products worth 14,170 million euros, a figure indicating a year-over-year decrease of 34.1%. There was a decrease in purchases from abroad of all levels of technology. High technology imports were the ones that recorded the least dramatic fall (−8.2%), while the sharpest fall was that of medium-high level purchases (−41.2%), followed by those with a medium-low level (−38.8%) and low-level technology purchases (−30.7%).