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Business Climate Survey. Q2/2021

The business situation of companies in Catalonia in the second quarter of 2021 registered a balance of 0.1 points. The percentage of business establishments with a favourable opinion of their business situation is very similar to that of those with an unfavourable one (23.4% and 23.3%, respectively). A total of 53.3% consider that their business situation has remained stable.

By sector of activity, industry, construction and trade presented positive balances regarding their business situation, of 8.6, 2.1 and 2.4 points, respectively, while accommodation and food service activities and the rest of services showed negative balances of −36.0 and −1.3 points, respectively.

Expectations regarding the business situation for the third quarter of 2021 registered a balance of 6.0 points. A total of 24.4% of managers believe that their business situation will be favourable, while 18.4% believe that it will be unfavourable, a percentage that reaches 41.0% in the case of accommodation and food service activities. The remaining 57.2% believe that it will remain stable.