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Statistics on social inclusion income. 2021

In 2021 a monthly average of 51,353 benefits were paid as Guaranteed Income for Citizens, an annual amount of 429.3 million euros. The monthly average of the number of beneficiaries was 116,868, and the average benefit in December of 564 euros. In comparative terms, there was an increase of 33.9% in the number of benefits and 28.1% in economic volume with respect to 2020. Idescat also offers this information by municipalities, counties, provinces and areas of the Territorial Plan.

In regard to the Active Inclusion Income, an average of 12,156 benefits was paid in the same period, amounting to a total of 70.7 million euros. This benefit meant an average income of 483 euros per month for beneficiaries. Compared to 2020, there was an increase of 19.1% in the number of benefits and of 25.9% in economic volume.