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CodeNameGeographical detailLast periodOrg.
PROJPAActive Population ProjectionsMunicipalities2015-2051Idescat
PIBAVNAdvance of the Quarterly GDP (non-current statistics)CataloniaQ1/2020Idescat
CENSAGAgricultural CensusMunicipalities2009Idescat
ICAAir Pollution IndexCatalonia Others
PIBAAnnual Economic Accounts for CataloniaCatalonia2020Idescat
EAESAnnual Wage Structure StatisticsCatalonia2019Idescat
INTPOBRAt Risk of Poverty and Social Exclusion Territorial IndicatorsCounties and Aran2019Idescat
NAIXBirth StatisticsMunicipalities2020Idescat
EDICBook StatisticsProvinces Others
CENSEBuilding CensusMunicipalities2011Idescat
CLEMBusiness Climate SurveyCataloniaQ3/2021Idescat
ICEHBusiness Confidence IndicatorsCataloniaQ4/2021Idescat
IDEMBusiness Demography IndicatorsCatalonia Others
RCPCancer Registry StatisticsCatalonia Others
ESCACatalan Health SurveyCatalonia Others
CSCCatalan Satellite AccountsCatalonia2005Idescat
EPCENTCentenarian Population EstimateCatalonia2019Idescat
EECompanies and EstablishmentsCatalonia01/01/2020Idescat
IAECompanies, Establishments and Professionals (non-current statistics)Municipalities Others
REECompany Economic and Financial ResultsCatalonia Others
PCSICompetitive Position of the Industrial SectorCataloniaQ4/2019Idescat
PCSTCompetitive Position of the Tourism Sector (non-current statistics)CataloniaQ2/2015Idescat
ECLLContinuous Household SurveyProvinces2020Idescat
AFIContributors and Affiliations to Social Security based on Contributors' Registered Place of ResidenceMunicipalities09/2021Idescat
COVIDCovid-19 statisticsMunicipalitiesQ3/2021Idescat
ECULCultural Facilities (non-current statistics)Municipalities Others
PGVCurrent General Planning Measures Municipalities Others
DEFDeath StatisticsMunicipalities2019Idescat
SHDDemographic Historical SeriesMunicipalities1920-1970Idescat
EDDemographic SurveyMunicipalities2007Idescat
DISOCUDisability and Employment Indicator SystemCatalonia Others
AGRARMEconomic Accounts for AgricultureCatalonia Others
EECESSEconomic Survey on Social ServicesCatalonia2014Idescat
EPAEconomically Active Population SurveyProvincesQ2/2021Idescat
ENSEducation StatisticsMunicipalities Others
EEPEducational Attainment StatisticsCensus tract groupsNewIdescat
ENEEnergy BalanceCatalonia Others
SGAEEEnvironmental Management Systems and Eco-LabellingMunicipalities Others
ARXEstadística d'arxiusCounties and Aran Others
AVPEstadística de les arts visuals i plàstiquesCatalonia Others
TSCEstadística del tercer sector culturalCatalonia Others
CLEXExport ClimateCatalonia Others
XCACFarm Accountancy NetworkCatalonia Others
EFFertility surveyCatalonia2018Idescat
CINEFilm StatisticsCounties and Aran Others
ENTFINFinancial Institutions (non-current statistics)Municipalities Others
TURESTForeign TourismCatalonia08/2021Idescat
TURDESTForeign Tourism ExpenditureCatalonia08/2021Idescat
COMESTForeign TradeProvinces07/2021Idescat
COMTECForeign Trade according to Technological ContentCataloniaQ2/2021Idescat
ESTRESForeigners with Residence PermitProvinces Others
JOCGambling StatisticsCatalonia Others
IIGGender Equality IndexCatalonia2018Idescat
CONNACGranting of Spanish CitizenshipProvinces Others
HOSPEHealth Facilities (non-current statistics)Municipalities Others
PROJLHousehold ProjectionsMunicipalities2018-2048Idescat
EHHydrographic StatisticsCatalonia Others
ADRIndicators of Hotel Sector ProfitabilityTourism brands08/2021Idescat
IASSIndicators of Service Sector ActivityCatalonia07/2021Idescat
ISPATIndicators of high-technology sectors and productsCataloniaNewIdescat
IECIIndustrial New Orders Received IndicesCatalonia12/2019Idescat
IPRIIndustrial Price IndexCatalonia08/2021Idescat
IPIIndustrial Production IndexCatalonia08/2021Idescat
EIPIndustrial Products SurveyCatalonia2019Idescat
IVNIIndustry Turnover IndexCatalonia07/2021Idescat
INInnovation in Companies StatisticsCatalonia2019Idescat
MIOCInput-Output Framework for CataloniaCatalonia2014Idescat
ECLLabour Cost StatisticsCataloniaQ2/2021Idescat
MTPDLabour market statistics on people with disabilitiesCatalonia2019Idescat
IVGSLarge Store Sales IndexCatalonia08/2021Idescat
BIBLibrary SurveyMunicipalities2018Idescat
IEVLife tableProvinces2015-2019Idescat
FCLLocal Cooperation Fund StatisticsMunicipalities Others
MCVLLongitudinal Statistics on Working LivesMunicipalities2018Idescat
PMMacroeconomic ForecastingCatalonia Others
MATMarriage StatisticsMunicipalities2019Idescat
CFMMaterial Flow AccountsCatalonia2017Idescat
MMMigratory MovementsMunicipalities2020Idescat
PARCCMotor Vehicle Fleet Municipalities Others
PROJMMunicipal Population ProjectionsMunicipalities2018-2033Idescat
PMHMunicipal Population RegisterCensus tracts2021Idescat
NCPNames and Surnames of the PopulationCounties and Aran2020Idescat
NOMSNames of Newborn ChildrenCounties and Aran2020Idescat
ENINational Immigration SurveyCatalonia Others
PERIPerinatal Health StatisticsCatalonia Others
IRPFPersonal Income TaxMunicipalities2018Idescat
IPPFPersonal Wealth Tax (non-current statistics)Municipalities2007Idescat
EPPopulation EstimatesMunicipalities2021Idescat
PROJPopulation ProjectionsMunicipalities2018-2061Idescat
CENSPHPopulation and Housing CensusCensus tracts2011Idescat
IBIProperty TaxMunicipalities2020Idescat
CPPublic Credit StatisticsCounties and Aran Others
SIOPPublic Sector Employment IndicatorsCatalonia Others
ESPCPublic order surveyCatalonia Others
PIBTQuarterly AccountsCataloniaQ2/2021Idescat
PHRERegister of Inhabitants Residing AbroadMunicipalities2021Idescat
RDResearch and DevelopmentCatalonia2019Idescat
RESRestaurants (non-current statistics)Municipalities Others
ICDRetail Trade IndexCatalonia08/2021Idescat
XARXAVRoad Network StatisticsProvinces Others
BESchool library statisticsCatalonia Others
PROJPESchool-Age Population ProjectionsMunicipalities2016-2026Idescat
EPESeasonal Population EstimatesMunicipalities2019Idescat
EIIShort-term Statistics on Industrial InvestmentCatalonia Others
ISTSmall Area Socioeconomic IndexCensus tract groups2018Idescat
CPSSocial Protection Accounts (non-current statistics)Catalonia2010-2014Idescat
ESSocial Survey: Households and EnvironmentCatalonia2008Idescat
INDBPSSocial Welfare and Progress IndicatorsCatalonia2020Idescat
ADQNACSpanish Nationality AcquisitionProvinces Others
EESPSports StatisticsMunicipalities Others
TMEEStandardised death rate by ageMunicipalities2015-2019Idescat
IESEStatistical Indicators of the Education SystemCounties and Aran Others
EMPCULTStatistics and Accounts of the Cultural CompaniesCatalonia2018Idescat
EMPTICStatistics and Accounts of the ICT CompaniesCatalonia2018Idescat
EMPTURStatistics and Accounts of the Tourism CompaniesCatalonia2018Idescat
PUOSCStatistics on Actions of the Single Plan for Works and Services in CataloniaMunicipalities Others
ADOPStatistics on Adoption and Fostering of ChildrenCatalonia Others
ROMAStatistics on Agricultural Machinery Provinces Others
IPPAStatistics on Agricultural Prices Provinces Others
AGREAStatistics on Agricultural SchoolsCatalonia Others
AIREStatistics on Air QualityCatalonia Others
AERStatistics on Air Transport Catalonia Others
EDSNStatistics on Annulments, Separations and DivorcesProvinces Others
BCINStatistics on Architectural and Archaeological HeritageCounties and Aran Others
EAUVIStatistics on AudiovisualsCounties and Aran2018Idescat
SSBBStatistics on Basic Social Services Municipalities Others
PRELOCStatistics on Budgets and Settlements of Local Authorities in CataloniaCounties and Aran Others
EMPRENStatistics on Business Creation through the Catalunya Emprèn ProgrammeCounties and Aran Others
TCStatistics on Cable TransportCatalonia Others
TURCAMStatistics on Campsite ActivityTourism brandsQ2/2021Idescat
EEACStatistics on Catalan Insurance CompaniesCatalonia Others
ELEPCStatistics on Catalan Parliament Election ResultsMunicipalities Others
CMORTStatistics on Cause of DeathCounties and Aran Others
CCPStatistics on Coal and Petroleum Coke Catalonia Others
NEGCOStatistics on Collective Bargaining (non-current statistics)Provinces Others
EMOESCStatistics on Commuting for Non-University StudiesMunicipalitiesSY 2019/20Idescat
EMOUNIVStatistics on Commuting for University StudiesMunicipalitiesSY 2018/19Idescat
MDOStatistics on Compulsorily Notifiable DiseasesMunicipalities Others
CLCStatistics on Conciliation in Collective Labour DisputesProvinces Others
CLIStatistics on Conciliation in Individual Labour DisputesCounties and Aran Others
ELECDStatistics on Congressional and Senate Election ResultsMunicipalities Others
ELECGAStatistics on Conselh Generau d’Aran Election ResultsMunicipalities Others
RCStatistics on Construction WasteCatalonia Others
EPCONSStatistics on Consumer ProtectionCounties and Aran Others
PENSStatistics on Contributory PensionsMunicipalities2020Idescat
SCStatistics on Cooperative SocietiesCounties and Aran Others
PROAGRStatistics on Crop Production and Surface AreasMunicipalities Others
ECStatistics on Cultural FacilitiesMunicipalities Others
PCStatistics on Cultural ParticipationCatalonia Others
RESICStatistics on Declared Industrial WasteMunicipalities Others
AIGUAStatistics on Drinking Water Supply CompaniesCounties and Aran Others
PSAEStatistics on Education Administration Services StaffCounties and Aran Others
EEEStatistics on Electrical Energy Provinces Others
EIPCStatistics on Emergencies and Civil ProtectionMunicipalities Others
CONLABStatistics on Employment ContractsMunicipalities Others
CESIStatistics on Energy Consumption in the Industrial SectorProvinces Others
DIAStatistics on Environmental Impact StatementsCatalonia Others
ELEPEStatistics on European Parliament Election ResultsMunicipalities Others
AEStatistics on Extractive Activities Catalonia Others
EXPAGRStatistics on Farm StructureCatalonia Others
EFDEStatistics on Financing and Expenditure of Private EducationCataloniaSY 2014/15Idescat
PESCAStatistics on Fishery Catches and Aquaculture ProductionCounties and Aran Others
ROMFORStatistics on Forest ConversionsCounties and Aran Others
INCENStatistics on Forest FiresCounties and Aran Others
PROFORStatistics on Forest Production Provinces Others
FUNDASStatistics on Foundations and Associations Counties and Aran Others
IIGENStatistics on Government of Catalonia Investment in InfrastructureCounties and Aran Others
CXSGStatistics on Government of Catalonia Social Media AccountsCatalonia Others
VIHStatistics on HIV/STD Morbidity, Prevalence, Behaviours and Clinical MonitoringCounties and Aran Others
EDDESStatistics on Handicaps and Disabilities (non-current statistics)Catalonia1999Idescat
TURHOTStatistics on Hotel ActivityTourism brands08/2021Idescat
EDCLStatistics on Household Consumer ExpendituresCatalonia2020Idescat
APHStatistics on Housing AllowancesCounties and Aran Others
TICEDUStatistics on ICT Equipment and Use in SchoolsCatalonia Others
EESRIStatistics on In-Patient Health EstablishmentsCounties and Aran Others
EIVEStatistics on Induced Terminations of PregnancyCounties and Aran Others
ICIStatistics on Industrial Expectations Catalonia Others
OLTStatistics on Job OffersCounties and Aran Others
ATUREGStatistics on Jobseekers and Registered UnemploymentMunicipalities Others
JJUVStatistics on Juvenile Justice Counties and Aran Others
MRStatistics on Kidney PatientsCounties and Aran Others
REGOCUStatistics on Labour Force AdjustmentMunicipalities Others
ITStatistics on Labour InspectionsProvinces Others
FMTStatistics on Labour Market FlowsCatalonia Others
AGRPTStatistics on Land PricesProvinces Others
TFNStatistics on Large Family CertificatesProvinces Others
PRORAMStatistics on Livestock Municipalities Others
PORTSStatistics on Maritime Traffic in PortsCounties and Aran Others
MDPStatistics on Mediations in the Field of Private LawCatalonia Others
RESMCStatistics on Municipal WasteMunicipalities Others
ELEMStatistics on Municipal and County Council Election ResultsMunicipalities Others
MCStatistics on Museums and CollectionsCounties and Aran Others
GNStatistics on Natural GasProvinces Others
ENRStatistics on Non-Residential BuildingMunicipalities Others
SINISTStatistics on Occupational AccidentsCounties and Aran Others
LOCPStatistics on Official Works Procurement Provinces Others
PEStatistics on OilProvinces Others
REGDISStatistics on People with DisabilitiesMunicipalities Others
EAEStatistics on Performing ArtsCounties and Aran Others
CULTEStatistics on Places of Worship in CataloniaCounties and Aran Others
PENPStatistics on Planning Deployment in Protected Natural AreasCounties and Aran Others
SEPLAStatistics on Planning SectorsMunicipalities Others
PRECStatistics on Prison Services, Rehabilitation and Alternative Criminal MeasuresProvinces Others
PAPStatistics on Public Administration StaffMunicipalities Others
DPCStatistics on Public Expenditure on CultureAreas territ. Plan Others
DPEDStatistics on Public Expenditure on EducationCatalonia Others
DPFRDIStatistics on Public Expenditure on R&D and Innovation FundingCatalonia Others
DSPStatistics on Public Health ExpenditureCatalonia Others
SCIStatistics on Public SafetyMunicipalities Others
TFStatistics on Rail Transport Catalonia Others
ELERStatistics on Referendum Election ResultsMunicipalities Others
REPFORStatistics on ReforestationCounties and Aran Others
ERStatistics on Renewable Energy Provinces Others
LHStatistics on Rental HousingMunicipalities Others
HABITStatistics on Residential Building Municipalities Others
TRANSIStatistics on Road Network TrafficProvinces Others
SVStatistics on Road Safety Municipalities Others
TURURStatistics on Rural Tourism Accommodation ActivityTourism brandsQ2/2021Idescat
AFICStatistics on Salaried Employment and Self-Employment according to Social Security AffiliationsMunicipalities Others
TRVCStatistics on Scheduled Transport of Passengers by RoadProvinces Others
ENELECStatistics on Short-term Energy TrendsCatalonia Others
CGNStatistics on Short-term Natural Gas TrendsCatalonia Others
CPEStatistics on Short-term Oil TrendsCatalonia Others
TFMStatistics on Single-Parent Family CertificatesProvinces Others
DHSStatistics on Social Housing DemandMunicipalities Others
HLSStatistics on Social Rental HousingMunicipalities Others
SSAIAStatistics on Social Services for Child and Adolescent CareCounties and Aran Others
SSDISCStatistics on Social Services for People with DisabilitiesCounties and Aran Others
SSGGStatistics on Social Services for the ElderlyCounties and Aran Others
RPHStatistics on State-Subsidised Rehabilitation of HousingCounties and Aran Others
VAGStatistics on Strikes and LockoutsProvinces Others
BAEStatistics on Study Grants and BursariesCatalonia Others
SCSLStatistics on Support for Cooperatives and Worker-Owned CompaniesCounties and Aran Others
ETTStatistics on Temporary Employment AgenciesProvinces Others
EAStatistics on Threatened Species Municipalities Others
TURALLStatistics on Tourist EstablishmentsMunicipalities Others
ELESINStatistics on Trade Union ElectionsMunicipalities Others
TRASStatistics on TransplantationsCatalonia Others
ATStatistics on Transport AuthorisationsProvinces Others
CTStatistics on Transport CostsCatalonia Others
EUStatistics on University TeachingAreas territ. Plan Others
TARUStatistics on Urban Wastewater TreatmentMunicipalities Others
AVDStatistics on Victim ServicesCatalonia Others
CLIMStatistics on Weather Data and Climate MonitoringCounties and Aran Others
SLStatistics on Worker-Owned CompaniesCounties and Aran Others
FEEStatistics on affiliates of foreign companiesCatalonia2018Idescat
PPSRStatistics on non-contributory pensionsMunicipalities2020Idescat
RISStatistics on social inclusion incomeMunicipalities2020Idescat
CIXADStatistics on the Catalan Drug Abuse Care Centre NetworkCounties and Aran Others
HPOStatistics on the Construction of State-Subsidised HousingMunicipalities Others
RJQUSStatistics on the Evolution of the Classification of the Legal Regime and Urban Land QualificationsMunicipalities Others
PRESGENStatistics on the Government of Catalonia Budget Counties and Aran Others
RGCStatistics on the Guaranteed Minimum IncomeCounties and Aran Others
JUTTRIStatistics on the Justice AdministrationCounties and Aran Others
ASSStatistics on the Private Insurance Mediation SectorProvinces Others
CPVHUStatistics on the Sale and Purchase Price of Old-Build HousingMunicipalities Others
CPHNCStatistics on the Sale and Purchase of New-Build HousingDistricts Others
ILGUStatistics on the employability of university graduatesCataloniaNewIdescat
ATURPStatistics on unemployment benefitsProvinces2020Idescat
EIEStructural Business Statistics in the Industrial SectorCatalonia2018Idescat
EASStructural Business Statistics in the Service SectorCatalonia2018Idescat
IQSABSummer Bathing Water Quality Indicators Municipalities Others
ECPCISurvey on Consumption and Childhood Cultural Practices (non-current statistics)Catalonia2008Idescat
ECPCSurvey on Consumption and Cultural Practices (non-current statistics)Catalonia2006Idescat
EDADSurvey on Disability, Personal Autonomy and Dependency SituationsProvinces2008Idescat
TICLSurvey on ICT Equipment and Use in HouseholdsCatalonia2020Idescat
EEPASurvey on Industrial Expenditure on Environmental ProtectionCatalonia Others
EULPSurvey on Language Uses of the PopulationMunicipalities2018Idescat
ECVSurvey on Living ConditionsAreas territ. Plan2020Idescat
ECVHPSurvey on Living Conditions and Habits of the Population (non-current statistics)Municipalities2011Idescat
EQVTSurvey on Quality of Life at Work (non-current statistics)Catalonia2010Idescat
ERETRSurvey on Recycling and Waste Treatment (non-current statistics)Catalonia Others
ERTRSurvey on Waste Collection and Waste TreatmentCatalonia Others
ESTASurvey on Water Treatment and SupplyCatalonia Others
EASASurvey on Water Use in the Agricultural SectorCatalonia Others
EASISurvey on Water Use in the Industrial Sector (non-current statistics)Catalonia Others
EGRISurvey on the Generation of Industrial Waste (non-current statistics)Catalonia Others
ETICCESurvey on the Use of ICT and e-Commerce in CompaniesCatalonia2019-2020Idescat
EUTSurvey on the Use of TimeAreas territ. Plan2010-2011Idescat
TRIBTax Collection StatisticsCatalonia Others
RFDBCTerritorial Gross Disposable Household IncomeMunicipalities2018Idescat
PIBCTerritorial Gross Domestic ProductMunicipalities2019Idescat
TICLTTerritorial Survey on ICT in HouseholdsCounties and Aran2019Idescat
TEETerritorial statistics on companies and establishmentsCataloniaNewIdescat
PTFTotal Factor ProductivityCatalonia2020Idescat
TURDESTourism Expenditure (non-current statistics)Catalonia2005Idescat
CSTTourism Satellite AccountCatalonia2014Idescat
TURESPTourism in Catalonia of Residents in the Rest of SpainCataloniaQ2/2021Idescat
TURCATTourism of Residents in CataloniaCataloniaQ2/2021Idescat
FIRESTrade Fair IndicatorsCounties and Aran Others
DMRType-1 Diabetes Registry StatisticsMunicipalities Others
EESWage Structure SurveyCatalonia2018Idescat
CSAWater Satellite Account (non-current statistics)Catalonia Others
SIJOVEYouth Indicator SystemCatalonia Others